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Case Study

The Waterfall

The Waterfall Trust aims to bring hope and restoration to women wanting to overcome addiction and to change from self-destructive patterns of behaviour.

My friend Tom and I worked with them to help refresh their web presence providing a fast, stable, secure and backed up new website.


Case Study

Charles Money

Musicians often get to a point of success in their careers then lack the promotional push to keep going and start touring to reach the big time. 

Charles money provides that promotional support creating links within the music industry to grow the very best music that has a chance to succeed.


Case Study

TPD Gurl

Actress, singer, teacher, model and beauty pageant titleholder (Miss New Zealand 2016) Tania decided to launch a blog. She's a keen writer and has a great reach online.

Her blog — albeit young — has seen great success and high levels of interaction. She also promotes her affiliate brands on there.


Case Study

2113 Creatives

The work of Jack and Miryam, a power-couple from New Zealand. They met at drama school nearly five years ago and loved being actors but hated the fluctuating incomes.

Together they draw from their skills including acting, film making, editing, directing, and coaching. The new site is both a showcase and introduction to their services.


Case Study


Sneakers are a new indie-rock band from New Zealand with a fresh sound. They're launching onto the NZ music scene in late 2017 and needed a simple web presence.

We designed this one-page site with links to their other online platforms which will help verify them to radio stations, labels and streaming services like Spotify.


Case Study

Josie Phillips

Professional photographer and recent bachelor graduate now pursuing her masters in creative direction needed a website to show off her vibrant photography.

Together we crafted a custom solution where that's so simple to edit and update she can do it in her sleep... almost.


Case Study

Mad Love

NZ-based blogger Maddy has just eclipsed her 2nd birthday as a blogger running Mad Love. She has a prominent (and quickly growing) following and knows what she's doing.

We stepped in just before Mad Love's 2nd birthday for a redesign, faster hosting, greater security, improved SEO and to keep her site backed up. Congratulations on 2 years!


Case Study

Perrine Honoré

Perrine is a French graphic designer and illustrator based in Barcelona. She’s at the point in her career where she needed to get serious with a professional website.

We worked closely with her to bring the works that were on her Behance to their own home, powered by Foster! She now proudly has a website of her own that she can easily link to and show off.


Case Study

Kristiina Kutser

Kristiina is a fashion stylist and creative director from Estonia living in London. She needed a website to grow as a stylist. She's in an industry that meant her website required big high-resolution images.

After reviewing her content it was clear she needed a portfolio and we also made her a features blog where she can enter press and other mentions of her work.


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